"Now thats some serious sound." -Ernest Hemingway

A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

About Asher

Asher, a songwriting-based adult alternative group, was exhausted from trying to get the attention of giant record labels. Like most, they were one voice in a crowd of millions. With an onslaught of new internet marketing tools for musicians, there was sure to be a way for the band to get some well needed publicity. Sites like Myspace and iSound initially gave hope to artists that they might find a way to gain a fan-base online. Soon, however, these sites became so saturated with musicians, teenagers, and solicitors that these sites now hold the same obstacles as the record labels, "How do we get their attention?" Starving for notoriety, and only playing at small local venues, they knew there had to be another solution. "I felt we were too talented to not at least get a little kick back," says Asher's singer and drummer, Chase Perryman.

"We turned our attention to the independent scene, but - thanks to the recent successes in film and music - independent had become the new mainstream," says Jimmy Bratcher (lead guitar and strings.) "The labels that could truly help us become successful are just as pursued as the mainstream labels, and the 'mom & pop' labels don't offer a lot more than we could do ourselves." Again at a crossroads and seven years into songwriting and performing together, their self proclaimed 'timer' was running out. Then after a 6 month hiatus it came to them.

Nathan Donaldson (mandolin, harmony, and rhythm guitar) and Chase were talking late one night when they stumbled upon a very simple but genious idea: 'eliminate the middle man.' They decided that the only thing a label could really offer was publicity and distribution. And with the internet tools available today, they didn't need a label in order to accomplish either.

"The distribution was the easiest part of the plan," says Brandon Franklin (bass, and miscellaneous strings) "We would record our own album on our own computers and equipment. We had been in and out of studios enough, and that was no fun. Then after finishing the album we would have it available in digital form via sites like iTunes and Rhapsody. And then we could have the album available in hard copy by taking advantage of print on demand sites like Create a Space." So that is what they did. They made it so that anyone form anywhere could buy their music at anytime. And now that it was available, they just had to tell people about it.

"Of course we started with just the people we knew, and we were surprised. We sold about 1,000 songs and more than 300 albums by just doing that. So already we were getting a little kickback," says Chase. They knew they had an interesting story now. They had done everything themselves. From writing the songs, recording the songs, designing the website, designing the artwork for the cd, creating the mini-music videos - everything had been done by them. That meant at this point the only cost for their small success was their time and the domain and song registry fees, that's it! Compare that to what it takes to have a mainstream label ready for distribution: a million dollars easily.

So that is where they are now. Gaining an online fan base of people who support good music. The next chapter of this story is up to you! Help them on their quest to put substance back into music.

Band Members


Brandon Franklin

Bass and guitar

The bass player, Brandon Franklin, also plays a rhythm and lead guitar on occasion. He joined Asher in 2002, for all obvious reasons: the band needed a bassist. At the time, he was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist to a band called 'the Addictions.' Originally, it was a side thing just for fun. He came on board with a full time commitment after his band split up, but was glad to have the chance to focus on Asher's career.

Brandon has always contributed to style and execution. He is influenced alot by Incubus, and his energy was a much needed change to open a new creative avenue.

Brandon keeps the female audience's eyes on him, being the band hunk. He is a master at internet navigation, repells, and can beat anyone alive or dead at Halo.

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Chase Perryman

Percussion and Vocals

Chase provides lead vocals and percussion for the band. He is distinct in his odd set of traits: the ability to ride a unicycle, to do back flips, to rap when necessary, and is the band’s art director, designer, and illustrator.

Musically inspired by Bush, Counting Crows, and the Smashing Pumpkins, Chase has been playing the drums since he was five, and is fluent in many other instruments as well. He co-writes all the songs with Nathan, and uses strange stories and real events to paint interesting lyrics. His voice has a rock edge but is easy on the ears.

He is the advertising manager for a local company, and he is the only member of the band who is married and has two kids.

Chase is currently drawing a cartoon with surveying related jokes (you won't get them trust me) but check it out if you'd like.

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Jimmy Bratcher

Lead Guitar and Strings

Jimmy Bratcher is one of the original Asher members. The cofounder amasses almost an entire string section. Jimmy plays the lead guitar, the violin, the cello, and any other instrument needed. His violin adds a classical depth to enrich the songs with layers of emotion. His lead is enhanced by his abilities with fretless instruments, and offers a unique and inventive style.

The valedictorian at his school, he now goes to MTSU majoring in music education. He plans to one day be a hippy music teacher. He feels that inspiration is embedded in all forms of music, but as far as his personal preferences he likes Counting Crows, Jars of Clay, and Nickel Creek. 

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Nathan Donaldson

Guitar, mandolin, harmony

Nathan Donaldson, the rhythm guitar player, mandolin player, and harmony vocalist, is the other cofounder of the band. Nathan and Chase co-write all of the lyrics for the band. The other band members would consider him the fearless leader, and the “Veto Man.”

Nathan pursues writing truly original music and is currently some what disgusted with the rock scene and its lack of substance. Nathan's use of imagery and obscurity are truly poetic.

Outside of the band Nathan runs a business with his father, restores classic muscle cars, and has just remodled a house for resale. So if you are interested in a 2 story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house: contact him immediately.

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