"Now thats some serious sound." -Ernest Hemingway

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Asher's Greatest His

Now on Amazon!

We are excited to announce that you can now purchase our LP in hard copy or digital download form on Amazon.
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Or you can download individual tracks via Snocap.

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Asher's Story

A Self-fulfilling Prophesy

"Asher, an adult alternative group, was exhausted from trying to get the attention of giant record labels. With an onslaught of new internet marketing tools for musicians, there was sure to be a way for the band to get some well needed publicity..."

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Scribbled on Cardboard

Chase's New Songwriting Blog

"This blog is to serve as an outlet for my songwriting, and an insight for myself and others. Of course with all of this real estate it will not be strictly about songwriting. There will be info about the band as it evolves; adventures in fatherhood, and any other creative endeavors I might weasel my way into..."

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